Our product range includes Bagged Confectionery, Bulk Confectionery, Novelty, Chocolate and US Candy.  


About Us

Lolliland is a family owned and operated business that has been operating since 1988 with our core expertise in confectionery.


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Lolliland moved into a larger premises in April 2011 to allow for much needed expansion. Our new 5000 square metre facility enables us to:

  • Offer flexible packaging solutions to meet your needs
  • Be fast to market with new opportunities
  • Be more efficient with customer orders and turnaround times


Lolliland has an extensive product range that includes pre-packed bags, bulk confectionery, novelty confectionery, seasonal products & US sourced products. We also have private label capabilities.


Lolliland is continually sourcing and developing new products in line with changing markets and customer requests. We can work with customers to develop particular products that meet individual needs.


With relationships with suppliers across the globe including but not limited to USA, China, Europe and New Zealand, Lolliland can find the product you are looking for.


Lolliland is accredited with the highest food safety standards, HACCP & SQF, which ensures the freshest and highest quality product is produced every time.


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